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“KAPITAN” well centrifugal electric pumps (BCPP series)


KAPITAN well pump is a new product in the market of pumps. It combines both the latest technical developments and the time-proven reliability.

Triple quality control system:


The «KAPITAN» pumps are completed with a full length electric cord, an integrated starting device and a high reliable submersible rope.

The pumps are designed for water supply in household conditions from wells and boreholes with an inner diameter of 100 mm, as well as to supply water from open water reservoir (rivers, lakes) and tanks. 

They are used in automatic water supply systems and for irrigation of gardens, vegetable gardens, lawns. 

  Technical characteristics

  Parameters BCPP 0.5-20  BCPP 0.5-25  BCPP 0.5-30  BCPP 0.5-40  BCPP 0.5-50  BCPP 0.5-60  BCPP 0.5-70 
Rated volume flow, m3/hour 1.8
1.8 1.8 1.8 1.8 1.8 1.8
Rated head, m 20
2530405060 70
Max. head, m29384460758595
Rated power, W420625610720110012001320
Rated voltage, V220 220 220 220 220 220 220
Pump diameter, mm 99
99 99 99 99 99 99
Pump length, mm503541563648724798843
Weight (including power-supply cord), kg9.110.311.312.315.317.318.0

Operational conditions of well pumps: 

Supplying water temperature1-35°C
Ambient temperature1-45°C
General mineralization of supplying waternot more than 1500 g/m3

 It is forbidden to pump flammable, chemically active liquids.

Electric motor:

A single-phase induction submersible condensing motor, manufactured according to GOST, has the following technical characteristics:

Network frequency50 Hz
Voltage220 V
Insulation classF
Protection degreeIP68
Operating modecontinuous duty

Design materials: 

Pump framestainless steel
Work wheelacetate resin
Vaned diffusernoryl
Shaft  stainless steel
Sealing along the shaft linegraphite-ceramic
Grid for water intake stainless steel