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About company


The Kharkov Electrical Engineering Plant UKRELECTROMASH (HELZ) is the biggest Ukrainian’s manufacturer of induction electric motors, generators, wide range of electric pumps and other consumer goods.

The company manufactures more than 5 thousands design, electric, climatic and special-purpose versions of electric motors, for integration of wide range of electric drives and aggregated devices in different spheres of industry, housing and communal services, fuel and energy, mining and smelting, as well as agricultural complex.

Another direction of the HELZ activity is manufacturing of domestic and industrial pumps (submersible, irrigation, drain, etc.), as well as feed mills. The HELZ products are certified by the IEC and GOST standards, and manufactured on high-efficient local and import equipment, with application of modern technological processes. Design strategy and engineering accompaniment of the Plant’s serial manufacturing is provided by the UPEC Joint Engineering Center (JEC) and Engineering and Manufacturing Center “SKB Ukrelectromash”, which is Ukraine’s leading developer of general- and special-purpose electric motors of small and medium sizes, generators, pumps and other aggregated devices.

The SKB Ukrelectromash is developer and manufacturer of the unique electric motors on its engineering, electrical, mechanical and other parameters. These motors operate in life-support systems of submarines and surface military vessels, railway locomotives, nuclear power plants and air defense systems.

The basis of the development, proposed by the SKB, is ambition for energy efficiency and ecological compatibility, which are the modern tendencies in the sphere of electrical engineering.