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Induction single-phase ac electric motors with squirrel-cage rotor

Электродвигатели асинхронные однофазные AI-1E80C4B4Y3.jpgThe motors are designed for completing of electric drives of different mechanisms in any sphere of industry, agro-cultural complex, household appliances (woodworking machines, pumps, compressors, etc.) and means of small-scale mechanization of household purpose.
The motors are designed to operate with AC.
  • Frequency – 50 Hz 
  • Voltage – 220 V
  • Protection degree – IP54 
  • Insulation class – F. 

Technical characteristics in case of 380 V, frequency of 50 Hz

TypeOutput, kWRotation  
Nominal current, ACapacity of work condenser, mkF Voltage of work condenser, V     Мstart
Weight, kg  IM 1081   
IM 1081
AIR 1Е 80 A21.130007.432(35*)4500.501.713.0
AIR 1Е 80 B21.5300010.048 (50*)4500.501.815.8
AIR 1Е 80 С22.2300013.964 (60*)4500.551.817.8
AIR 1Е 90 L22.2300013.964 (60*)4500.551.817.8
AIR 1Е 90 L2 D2.2300013.964 (60*)4500.551.817.7
AIR 1Е 80 A40.7515005.132 (35*)4500.351.612.5
AIR 1Е 80 B41.115007.232 (35*)4500.351.5
AIR 1Е 80 C41.515009.748 (50*)4500.401.616.1
AIR 1Е 90 L41.515009.748 (50*)4500.401.617.9
* for motor version with side-mounted on cramp condenser

Е – single-phase, with two-phase stator winding,
without completing by condenser;
- single-phase, with two-phase stator winding, with work condenser;
R – with increased starting torque;
B3, B4 – with thermal protection;
U2, U3, UKhL4 – type of climatic version;
D – for floor grinder machines, with shortened free shaft end.

The following versions are available:

1) by mounting:   
- on feet (IM 1001) 
- with flange (IM 3001)
- combined (IM 2001)

2) by climatic conditions:   
Electric motors can be manufactured for all climate regions (including marine, cold, tropical, etc.) on customer’s request.

1. The plant has an opportunity to manufacture AIE 80 А2, А4, В2, В4 (without completing by condenser) motors technical requirements of which will meet AI 1Е 80 and AIR 1Е 80 motors on customer’s request.
2. In case of need the customer can use trigger circuit of electric motor using additional starting capacity, to receive higher values of Mstart/Mnom.