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Induction three-phase general-purpose electric motors
ADT series

The motors are designed for drive of different mechanisms in any branch of industry and agro-cultural complex. The motors are designed to operate with three-phase AC.
  • Network frequency – 50 and 60 Hz
  • Voltage – 220/380, 380 V
  • Protection degree of motor – IP54
  • Insulation class – B
  • Operating mode – long-term (S1).

The main advantages of ADT electric motors manufactured by HELZ:

Energy characteristics: 
- high efficiency of ADT 56 (up to 69,0 %) electric motors is an evidence of high quality level of these electric motors
- low level of idle current (cos φ is up to 0,79) provides reliable operation of customer’s energy system and significantly reduces risk of network overvoltage
- increasing of starting and max torques fractures (in 2,3 times) is an evidence of high exploitation reliability of ADT 56 electric motors during starts and overloads, which appear spontaneously. 

Acoustic characteristics:   
- low noise level (not higher than 56 dBA) is provided by using of high precision bearings and optimal ventilation system. 

Protection degree:   
- service-factor SF=1,15 provides insignificant heating of motor winding during operation in full power and guarantees resistance of ADT 56 electric motors to short-term overheating 
- protection degree IP 54 provides high protection of ADT 56 motor housing from water and dust. 

Design peculiarities:  
- improved mounting design of ADT 56 electric motors (useful dimensions of terminal box, access of power cable from two sides, input of mounting bolts, etc) 
- increased design rigidity (frame design combined with end bearing shield and housing of fan unit; improved ribs of housing) 
- increased electrical safety (existence of additional grounding clamp). 

                                              Technical characteristics in case of 380 V, frequency of 50 Hz

Cos φ      Мstar
level, dB(A)
IM 1081
ADT 56 А20.18300068.50.742.22.34.5563.9
ADT 56 В20.25300069.00.792.22.24.5564.1
ADT 56 А40.12150062.00.681.82.04.0513.8
ADT 56 В40.18150064.00.672.02.04.0514.4

The following versions are available:

1) by mounting: 
 - on feet (IM 1081) 
 - combined (IM 2081) 
- with second free shaft end (IM 1082, 2082);

2) by climatic conditions: 
Electric motors can be manufactured for all climate regions (including marine, cold, tropical, etc.) on customer’s request.

Average life time is 20 000 hours!